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Ubiquiti rocketdish radome rad - 2rd cover is an ideal way to provide
additiónal protectión to the rocketdish antennas.

this light weight radome kit features fiberglass constructión and uv stable
gray finish. drain holes are provided on the radome cover to help prevent
moisture build - up inside the dish antenna.

the rad - 2rd rocketdish radome cover bolt directly to the solid dish
antenna with the provided stainless steel hardware. drilling mounting holes
in the antenna is not required.

the radome cover can be attached to existing antennas already mounted in
the field or pre - assemble to the antenna before mounting.

the rad - 2rd rocketdish radome cover - 648mm radome can be used with
the rd - 5g - 30 rocketdish antennas.


greatly reduce wind load
protect antenna surfaces from harsh environments
conceal antenna equipment from public view
designed speciï¬cally for rocketdish antennas
technical specificatión:

dimensións 2 ft - 648 mm
item versión rad - 2rd

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